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ABrokenDream's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 23 (From 4 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 745 Points

Charms of Lavender Blue

Almost Kiss Unlocked 3/18/17
25 Points
Well, at least he asked this time around.
Brace Yourself Unlocked 3/18/17
25 Points
Because pendants are for the next lesson.
Club Activities Unlocked 3/18/17
25 Points
Snacks Unlocked 3/18/17
25 Points
Technical Difficulties Unlocked 3/18/17
25 Points
Here, have this Baby Nora instead.
True End Unlocked 3/18/17
25 Points
A rare first love success story.
Best Not to Risk It Ending 25 Points Better luck next time...
Musical Ending 25 Points Isn't it nice? No drama, just music.
Sundae Ending 100 Points Salty ice cream.

Medals Earned: 6/9 (150/300 points)

Colors of a Feather

It's Good to be the Queen Unlocked 3/18/17
25 Points
As close to a harem ending as this gets.
Stranger than Narration Unlocked 3/18/17
25 Points
Must be a great voice.
Brown Tranquility Unlocked 3/18/17
50 Points
Calm, serene love.
Cafe Orange Unlocked 3/18/17
50 Points
Love in a cafe.
Green Bottle Unlocked 3/18/17
50 Points
Drunk on Love.
Indigo Nothings Unlocked 3/18/17
50 Points
Love is blue?
Red Runner Unlocked 3/18/17
50 Points
You must love puns.
Vivacious Violet Unlocked 3/18/17
50 Points
Cocktail made with love.
Yellow Pages Unlocked 3/18/17
50 Points
In Love. With Books.

Medals Earned: 9/9 (400/400 points)


Smithsmanship Unlocked 4/2/17
5 Points
Complete the smithsmanship quest
Sticks and stones Unlocked 4/2/17
5 Points
Complete the sticks and stones quest
Love potion Unlocked 4/2/17
10 Points
Complete the love potion quest
Fishcatcher 10 Points Complete the fishcatcher quest
Preparing for combat 10 Points Complete the preparing for combat quest
Survivor 10 Points Complete the survivor quest
Hunter 25 Points Complete the hunter quest
Slayer 25 Points Complete the slayer quest
Chef 50 Points Complete the chef quest
King 100 Points Complete the king quest

Medals Earned: 3/10 (20/250 points)

Lady of the Castle

Lie Back, and Think of Deiceno Unlocked 3/18/17
25 Points
Arranged marriage.
Morning Garden Romance Unlocked 3/18/17
25 Points
Love blooming in the garden.
Trusted Advisor Unlocked 3/18/17
25 Points
Not as great as queen, but sadly that ending was cut out.
The Lady and the Maid Unlocked 3/18/17
50 Points
Lovely ladies.
Written in the Pages Unlocked 3/18/17
50 Points
Studies in love and friendship.
Freedom! 50 Points Time to celebrate! Sounds like a good time for cake.

Medals Earned: 5/6 (175/225 points)